Monday, September 28, 2009

Mothers Laws

#1. You can’t be at your computer the moment that the top 3 finalists are announced for Verity Mom. Your mom promises to call you the moment it is announced (should be 9 AM). 9 o’clock comes and goes… 9:05 comes and goes… 9:10 comes, and goes. The sinking feeling that you have not made it starts to set in, because you know the only reason Mom wouldn’t call is if she didn’t want to let you down. At 9:15 you get the courage to call her… she answers… SCREAMING!!!
Moms Law: The moment it really counted, your mom became completely technologically inept and couldn’t figure out how to refresh a computer screen or dial a cell phone.
Daughters Law: Still love ya mom!

#2. You get an email from Verity Credit Union asking you to make a 4 minute video with specific criteria, and you have 6 days to do it. At the same time you are looking at your calendar, noticing that you have 3 school meetings, one church meeting, and a phone conference scheduled in the next two days.
Moms Law: On the third day when you are finally shooting the video you look like a pale raccoon with strung out hair and a wrinkled shirt. This doesn’t seem to make other women want to be interviewed by you, nor does it look any better with a pound of make-up and good lighting.

#3. On the fourth day of no sleep and serious raccoon eyes you finally have convinced enough moms to be on your video and it is now ready edit.
Moms Law: Your computer crashes.

#4. Your nickname is Grandma because you drive like a turtle. After dropping your son off at school you are for the first time in days not feeling rushed.
Moms Law: You get your very first speeding ticket.

#5. It’s Saturday morning and your husband is at work. All three kids want something different for breakfast, and you are having a hard time finding a shirt to wear that doesn’t smell like spit-up. Then, you realize that you read the email from Verity Credit Union wrong and the video is suppose to be 3 minutes… lots of editing to do.
Moms Law: An agent calls to let you know he will be showing your house in 20 minutes.

#6. You’ve always disliked Murphy and his laws… what a pessimist!
Moms Law: After thinking about your last week you realize that he may have been on to something.

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