Thursday, October 1, 2009

The gift of gab

Today I worked in the nursery at my daughters preschool. There were three adults in there, all talkers and only 6 kids. It was a fun morning. Two and a half hours of sharing. We talked about everything from grocery store coupons to childhood cancer. By the end of our time together something dawned on me, women like to share things.

As moms we sometimes feel like our voices don’t get heard. After all, who wants to hear about how you found your favorite laundry detergent a whole dollar cheaper somewhere, or that the latest greatest discipline technique is nothing more than hype. Other moms want to hear, that’s who. As moms we have an unspoken sisterhood of knowing that we have all been “there” or will be at some point. We want to feel useful, smart, and taken seriously. We want to be heard, and because we want to be heard we talk. We talk to our kids, we talk to our husbands… but lets be honest, they’re not listening. So, we talk to other moms.

Moms like to listen too. As a new mom I can remember talking to a telemarketer for close to an hour one day. I was so thrilled to talk to another adult that I didn’t care that they were trying to sell me something. I listened to their whole speech on why I needed to buy magazines from their company and by the end not only decided to support their charity but also told several friends about them (I support mothers against drunk driving M.A.D.D.). Since that time I have learned that by simply listening to other moms and their tips I can save a lot of time, money, and anguish.

That is why I feel so much bra burning excitement for Verity Credit Union's Verity Mom competition. This competition has so far, proven to be an incredible marketing campaign with a message to all business’s out there. Mother's matter. All three of us women (the finalists) have a lot to say and offer. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to go to and place your vote. It’s not just a vote for Verity Credit Union.s next spokesperson, but a vote to say a mothers voice can be heard in the big world of business.

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