Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The good wife

Today while driving to pick up my son Jasper from school, my husband Josh turned to me and said "You don't understand just how tired I am." My response in my head was something like this:
-"Really, you want to compare notes? Because I
  don't remember the last time you got up during the 
  night to breastfeed a baby!
-"When is the last time you got up in the middle of 
  the night to wash sheets?"
-"Remember on our anniversary, when we went to that really nice cabin, and I got up while the rest of 
  you sawed logs, just to make you all home made doughnuts? ...I was on vaction too!"
-"How many times have you jumped out of your   
  skin during a really good dream to the sound of a toddler hitting the floor?" (note to self: buy guard rail)
-"Try having to change your shirt while half asleep because you are soaking in breast milk"
-"Have you ever stayed up until 2 in the morning to finish cleaning, or sewing, or doing just about anything
  because that is the only time that there is uninterrupted quite"
-"How many days in a row can you go without a shower because you are so sleep deprived that an extra 15
  minutes of sleep sounds better than people thinking you look or smell good?"
-"I spent almost 9 months being so uncomfortable in my own body that a full nights sleep was nothing but a
-"Then I had the little monster and can't even remember how long a full nights sleep is."
-"Then because I can't think straight anymore, I decided to do the whole baby thing 2 more times."
I then looked over at my husband who get's up at 2:30 AM every morning to go to work to provide for all of us, and I noticed the dark circles under his eyes. I smiled at him and said through my teeth "It must be really hard for you, you should go to bed early tonight." I love him, if he thinks that he is sleep deprived then I should let him have that, because later when I'm complaining to the man that works on his feet on hard concrete for 9 hours a day that my feet hurt, I'm going to expect a foot rub.

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