Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Learning to appreciate the naughtiness

You'll find that I write a lot about my daughter Laraine. It's because she gives me a lot of material. Just today, I wrote down 3 different quotes of hers that totally cracked me up. I also put her in time out 4 times, threatened to throw her toys away, and took away her t.v. privileges by 10 AM. Oh and did I mention that I threw her make-up and case in the garbage (thanks for that Christmas gift Grammy...)? The thing is, I get frustrated with her attitude and naughtiness, but I know that it's part of what makes her her.

Laraine was born 3 weeks and 2 days early (the least premature of my babies). Shortly after birth she went to the NICU where she camped out for 2 weeks. Those first 2 weeks were hard for her, she struggled... a lot. Watching my daughter struggle just to perform the very basics of life was to say the least horrifying. I remember sitting outside of her incubator praying that God would do great things in her life and make her into a strong child. I got my wish.

Four years later she is outspoken, funny, courageous, beautiful, crazy, and did I mention a little naughty? I have to remind myself on a daily basis about my prayer that day; and know that if she wasn't constantly pushing her limits than she wouldn't be growing into the strong independent woman that I know she will become.


  1. That is sooooooo funny! and real! I think it's awesome that you found the positive in all this, you even made me cry a little. But then, I am pregnant.

  2. Crying real tears remembering how much we wanted a sweet and wonderful she was....and now that she is 13 all the many challenges we face! This is a good reminder to be so thankful to God for both of our children. Thank you.