Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pick me, pick me, pick me!!!

Look! Someone graffitied my car. Must have been some crazy obsessed woman that is willing to do just about anything for the title of Verity Mom. Must have been someone that puts at least 100% of energy, creativity, and thought into everything she does. Must have been a mom that isn’t afraid to put herself out there and let people know who she is and what she is about. Must have been a gal that doesn’t embarrass easy… must have been me.

I’ve always seen people driving around with window paint on their car and thought “It must be nice to be so passionate about something.” I found my something. I love being a mom, I believe in being “real” all the time, and I thoroughly get off on telling people about great finds and products. This competition of Verity Mom has given me that opportunity. I have been ranting and raving about Verity since I worked for them 6 years ago. I not only loved working for them but I truly believe in their products and mission. Verity is not just a Credit Union. They are a family of superior employees with ethics and want to give the best to their community. They give the best by offering exceptional customer service and great products, like the Cartwheel Checking account. Thanks Verity for this opportunity.

As the hours count down to the final 3 decision being made I’m reflecting on my campaign. Did I use enough creativity? Did I market myself and Verity well? Did I impress them enough to pick me? Yes, yes, and I sure hope so. I know that the Verity Mom job is perfect for me, I'm just hoping that Verity realizes that I am the perfect mom for the job.

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  1. Wow - they better pick you! Just reading your posts about them makes me want to run over there and open an account with them.
    Good luck!