Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In the eye of the beholder

Dear Jasper,

I'm sorry. I sorry that you inherited my agility and gracefulness. I'm sorry that I chose to take you camping the three days prior to your 1st day of 1st grade. I'm really sorry that you fell off that mossy log and hit your head on a rock leaving a large red egg shaped bump in the middle of your forehead. I'm even more sorry that I then took you to the beach where there were lots of aggressive bees and the meanest one found your ear. Most of all I'm sorry that you fell down face first onto a cement patio putting your teeth through your lip and scraping up your chin. You have every right to be mad at me.

You have every right to be mad at me except that if you think about this carefully you will realize that I am the coolest mom ever. You're welcome. You're welcome, that instead of early bed times and strict routines leading up to your first day of school, you got ghost stories and late nights by the campfire. You're even more welcome that when you fell off that mossy log, I didn't yell at you for not listening to me about horse play on slippery objects for the ten minutes leading up to the fall. You are welcome for me taking you to the ocean to throw rocks and dig in the sand. Finally, you are welcome for the fun you were having while I wasn't watching you because I was feeding the baby, when you tripped over the dog and planted your face in the cement... chicks dig scars... you'll thank me later. I love you buddy and I really did have the best of intentions. I'm really sorry you got hurt but really glad you had fun.

Love you always and forever,


  1. So familiar! I love your blog...can't wait to read more.

  2. As a mom I'm always feeling quilty about one thing or another. I really like the spin you put on it. My husband and I usually just shrug our shoulders and say, "one more thing she can talk to her therapist about some day!"

  3. You are such a good mom Lindsey! You'll have great stories in the years to come whenever you look at his first day of first grade picture. :) Love, Kathryn

  4. What a good letter Lindsey! As a mom you soooo want to give your kids memorable experiences like camping and yet this stuff backfires on us!! You're a great mom and you would be the best for this job!!